Contemporary Jewellery

Pinn Studio designers, can create you a contemporary piece of jewellery to suit your individual taste, using a variety of precious metals and gem stones.

Contemporary Jewellery Designers are ideal for a unique custom bracelet, necklace, modern Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring or an Eternity Ring.  Pinn Studio will provide you with a consultation, then design and create an astounding piece.

Contemporary Jewellery from Matthew Pinn experienced Jewellery Designer. Our creations are made using the finest quality Platinum, Gold or Silver and a wide range of gem stones.

Contemporary Jewellery Designers Gallery

Contemporary Jewellery Designers Gallery

Below is a collection of just a few of our contemporary jewellery designed by Matthew Pinn:

    venezia-ring.jpgbespoke-necklace.jpgle coeur ring.jpg

In certain cultures, contemporary jewellery acts like a status symbol. Material properties along with its patterns and meaningful symbols are some of the major segments which help in categorising cultural status, in previous years.


The relationship between beautiful creations and human appreciation has existed for so long that people today have gotten used to having special possessions that they are proud of. We want to be surrounded by glorious objects because they lend everything good to our lives. We want to see beautiful things because they make our world better. We want to own lovely trinkets because they lend their character and class to us and buying from Contemporary Jewellery Designers is the ideal way to achieve this.


Every person in the UK who wants to satisfy his or her need for pieces such as stacking rings and statement necklaces can do just that. Pinn Studio's consultants are virtually overflowing with ideas for stunning and pretty things.


In addition, it is important that you get your bracelets, statement necklaces, earrings and stacking rings from a company that understands the true value of contemporary jewellery. This creative art isn't only about making pretty things from precious materials. It also speaks of individuality, personality and style. Pinn Studio, where you can buy your statement pieces from realises this, you can be sure that each contemporary jewellery piece you pay for will be priceless.