Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the perfect engagement ring, and we are here to help. Whether you are choosing alone or as a couple, the team at Pinn Studio are here to provide expert advice and their complete unhurried attention.

We believe that something as life changing as choosing a handmade engagement or wedding ring should be an experience which lives with you forever and this is the experience that we strive to offer.

Innovative Creative Techniques

Our innovative creative techniques allow us to make handmade engagement rings which are set clearly apart from the mainstream. We have a deep respect for the timeless styles, but can also help to create something fresh and unique.

Jewellery is a form of self expression, because it says so much about the wearer and an engagement ring is the epitome of this. Wearing a unique piece of jewellery which has been commissioned exclusively for you, makes you feel extra special.

Bespoke Designs

We offer a wonderful bespoke design service which allows us to hand make a completely handmade engagement or wedding ring. As with any commission we will work with you to produce a ring that is individually tailored to your style and your budget. We can source diamonds and gemstones to show you. We can assist in the choice of diamond and discuss cut, colour, clarity, carat, setting style and diamond shape. There are also a plethora of beautiful coloured stones to choose from, for example, champagne or cognac diamonds, blue, pink or yellow sapphires, peridots, amathysts and many more.

During the initial design consultation you will be able to discuss likes, dislikes, personal tastes and lifestyle so that we can hone in on designs that are absolutely right for you. Your ring is meticulously handmade on site by our goldsmith and there will be opportunity to come and see it at various stages so that any changes can easily be made. This gives you total peace of mind that the ring is exactly how you want it. 

If you decide to use a family heirloom or an antique as an engagement ring then we can check the setting and clean the ring for the special occasion. Alternatively you may have gold or stones that you want to remodel into your special ring preserving the sentimentality of an old piece but also allowing you a luxury hem at an affordable price.

Your first design consultation is free of charge during which we can discuss budget and design and after which you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed. Our goldsmith Matt is extremely busy so design consultations are by appointment. You can call us on 01722 416 363, or contact us by email info@pinnstudio.co.uk We are happy to discuss your requirements and give you an obligation free quote.