May 05, 2015
Bespoke Handmade Fine Jewellery
What Is Bespoke Handmade Jewellery? Modern industry and computer technology, as with any other industry, has had an impact on today’s jewellery. A piece of jewellery can be produced from ‘woe to go’ by just doing a drawing and this piece can then be made by using CAD(Computer Aided Design) and CAM …

Feb 12, 2015
Any Old Gold? Turn it into Bespoke Handmade Jewellery!
Any Old Gold? Turn it into Bespoke Handmade Jewellery!Bespoke handmade jewellery can be made from all your old jewellery, why not turn it into a piece of handmade jewellery that you can wear everyday or for special occasions?February is already drawing to a close and in a matter of weeks we may well…

Aug 27, 2014
The Bright Green Gem of August
Lucky are those born in August as they have the bright and beautiful Peridot as their birth stone.  This stone is also given in celebration of 16 years of marriage.  The mining of this vivid green gem is recorded on ancient Egyptian scrolls as early as 1500 BC on St John’s Island in the Red Sea mak…