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The Bright Green Gem of August

Aug 27, 2014

Lucky are those born in August as they have the bright and beautiful Peridot as their birth stone.  This stone is also given in celebration of 16 years of marriage. 

The mining of this vivid green gem is recorded on ancient Egyptian scrolls as early as 1500 BC on St John’s Island in the Red Sea making it one of the oldest know gemstones. It is thought that the miners would collect the stones for the Pharaoh’s burial treasure.   The Greeks and Romans used Peridot in jewellery and it was a prized gem in the Ottoman Empire (1300 -1918).  In the Topkapi museum Istanbul sits a gold throne from this era decorated with 955 peridot cabochons up to 1 inch across.  The Crusaders brought back large quantities of peridots to Europe where they were used as ornaments in Churches such as the large peridot that decorates the shrine of the Three holy Kings in the cathedral of Cologne. 

Peridot Ring

The rich olive green colour of this gem is due to the presence of iron and it most commonly appears as pebble-sized specimens in gemstone veins.   The gem can now be found in many parts of the world but the finest gem quality is believed to come from The Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Norway, Hawaii, Australia and South Africa.

Peridot is known as the stone of compassion and represents love, truth and loyalty.  This cheerful bright green stone reminds us of the colours of spring and summer and despite it’s beauty it is a relatively inexpensive gem stone.  It can be sourced in many shapes, sizes and cuts and looks beautiful in a pendant or dress ring.  It can also be used in cuff links as a special gift to those men born in August.  


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